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Health & Safety


Our Health and Safety Policy contains a plan detailing how we manage our health and safety issues. The policy sets out our commitment to manage risks and provide good standards of health and safety and also to meet our legal duties. Health and safety is an integral part of how we do business as a responsible employer and we have put in place the necessary organisation and arrangements to achieve this. This policy has been initiated after carrying out a full appraisal of our health, safety and welfare requirements and will be reviewed periodically (at least annually).


This is a declaration of our intent to provide and maintain, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment and to enlist the support of employees towards achieving these goals. The General Policy statement is brought to the attention of all employees by publication in the main policy Manual and in the Employee Safety Handbook. It may also be included on notice boards in our premises.


This part of the Policy details the health and safety responsibilities of key personnel within our organisation. These responsibilities are fulfilled by completion of various Safety Records, pro-formas and records in relation to on-going maintenance activities, training, accident reporting, and investigation, and actions that have taken place.


This page sets out details of the main statutes and regulations affecting health and safety at work that are currently in force.


This part of the Policy explains the systems and procedures in place for managing individual topics or subjects for which our business is responsible.

We accept that we cannot discharge our responsibility for managing health, safety and welfare within the workplace to others outside our employ. Use of the above documents will aid our success in fulfilling these responsibilities.