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Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Spic 'n' Span can undertake all types of pavement cleaning, from patios to driveways.

It's great to relax or entertain on your patio when the weather co-operates. But the patio or your outside room will pick up a lot of dirt, unsightly staining and green growth during the year, this is particularly the case where there are overhanging trees and bushes nearby, unfortunately your patio can then appear drab and the overall ambience of your “outdoor room” is reduced.

This is the same with your driveway, which presents itself to visitors or potential purchasers.

We use our own high pressure water jetting equipment to professionally clean your pathway, driveway and patio to bring them back to their original appearance.

Using a professional pressure washing system we can clean and restore your driveway and patio. Pattern imprinted concrete, walls and paths, decking, garden furniture and house exteriors.

You will be absolutely amazed by just how clean your driveway or paved areas can look after a professional pressure cleaning.

Cleaning the areas around your home will make such a difference that your whole home is transformed with a fresh clean look.

We take all debris with us leaving the surface looking as good as new.